Prepaid Casino

Prepaid Casino’s?
Don’t get us wrong. We do not consider you a complete idiot because you do not really know what a prepaid casino actually is. We didn’t either before we wrote the texts on this website. Because the ways of processing payments in online casino’s have tripled over the recent years, we decided to dig deeper in the world of prepaid casino’s. At first instance, it looked as a tat too little exciting to dedicate a whole website to this way of paying in online casino’s, but we’ve decided to give it a go. This is because there are numerous advantages linked to playing in prepaid casino’s.

But before we go deeper into these advantages, we first offer some extra information on what a prepaid casino actually is. To go short; a prepaid casino allows for payments with prepaid cards. These cards contain a code and represent a certain value (for example: 20 Euro). Once you bought a card and registered yourself at the online casino, you can enter the code in the cashier function of the respective casino. This way you can play prepaid (you already paid for the card) in in an online casino.

The main advantage of prepaid cards for online payments, is that you remain completely anonymous. With a prepaid card, you get access to the best games, the most interesting promotions and the software that allows for hours of fun, without having to share any personal details with the provider of the games, the online casino’s. You play in anonymity and no one gets to see your personal details. A reason for the prepaid cards being so popular and above all; being more and more available in regular casino’s that before only used approved payment methods like MasterCard or bank transfers.

Payment methods that allow to play in Prepaid Casino’s
A number of different payment methods that allow for transactions with prepaid cards is available. While most of these payment methods are more or less alike, there are huge differences in the level of service, the availability of the payment methods in bingo rooms, casino’s, and on sports betting websites, and in the number of retail points that provide the cards. That’s why we have decided to select a couple of these prepaid cards, on basis of a number of variables that help to select only the best of these prepaid cards.

First of all, we had a look at the availability of the prepaid cards in normal casino’s and in other places. We did this to determine how popular a certain payment method is and how often online casino’s used these payment methods for transactions and all that goes with this. We also see a higher availability as an indicator for quality; the more casino’s that decide to use a payment method or prepaid card, the less likely that the quality of a prepaid card or the corresponding service is low.

Second, we had a look at the denominations of the cards and the retail points where the cards are available. In some cases, the prepaid cards are also available online only, which means that you need another way to pay for the cards, before you are able to use them online. On basis of these two criteria, we’ve selected three different payment methods that work as or function in prepaid casino cards: Ukash, Paysafecard and NeoSurf. We offer three separate pages of information on the topics at hand for these three different cards.

The best Prepaid Casino’s
If the number of prepaid cards is already relatively high, the number of online casino is enormous. There is a huge amount of different casino’s that allow for payments made with prepaid cards. But, the quality of these casino’s is not always as it should be. In some cases the game-play is way below standards, while in other cases the software is way too unstable to provide customers a good and long casino experience with. That’s why we also made a number of demands for online casino websites to meet, before they could be considered as the best the web has to offer.


We first had at a look at the general lay-out of the casino. We did this because the first impression is always the best impression. If there is something not optimal at the casino, you’ll notice immediately when you open the website for the first time. This works the other way around as well; if the website is good enough for the casino public and the games and promotions are made clear to customers in a good and clear way, then all is dedicated to the casino feeling that customers should have when they start to play in that particular casino.

Next, we had a look at the different games that are on offer in the prepaid casino’s and at the cashier function of the casino. The better the cashier function, the easier it gets to pay for your casino games with the help of a prepaid card. Furthermore, playing in an online casino should be fun and that’s last aspect we focused on. Is the casino game play fun enough, then the casino qualifies for a review on this website. On basis of these three criteria, we’ve selected the following casino’s for a further review: Roxy Palace Casino, Europa Casino, Casino Euro,  888 Casino, and  Betsson Casino.

What this website is about
As you might get from the preceding three sections, this website is mainly about prepaid cards and the use of these cards in the multiple casino’s that have been selected on this website. We discuss how these prepaid cards work, why there are such a success and how the online casino’s that offer games to the consumer, include this software into their overall framework of games, interesting material and everything that comes with it. So, use the information on this website to get a good general idea on the payment methods and the different casino’s that use them.